Pampered, Clingy Boy

Mummy does not have a good night sleep ever since we moved to our new house. Mummy coughs a lot in the middle of the sleep and tends to spit out phlegm each time I cough. Doctor said mummy’s airway is allergic to the dust, smoke and paint. Nothing much to cure but to find way to boost up own immune system only.

On the other hand, my little ‘baby‘ is as pampered and clingy as usual. Mummy thought he would sleep on his own beautiful bed throughout the night, but I was wrong. It’s normal that he wants mummy to cradle him to bed on his place. Anyway, he will come into my room, climb onto my bed and squeeze himself next to mummy in the middle of the night. He then will scratch forĀ  almost an hour! How could mummy sleep with him like that? *sigh* ……. That has been practised every night for two weeks!

Mummy’s face looks more pale, tiring and skinny nowadays because lack of sleep. Many people say that mummy slims down a lot. They even want me to introduce my best weight loss product to them. Gosh! Mummy would ask them back again whether they really want to look like me without any glow on face!!! They would eventually stop requesting for more. Aiya, what can mummy do to keep Zhen Nam sleep comfortably on his own bed ?! He is already 4 years 6 months old lor…..

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  • . shoppingmum | November 8, 2009 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    It takes a long time woman! LOL!
    My gal still comes to me at night, mostly. My hub will go to the kids room if Justin comes to ask for papa. :P

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