6th Birthday

*backdated post*

I had celebrated Zhen Nam’s birthday almost two weeks ago. Really embarrassing to tell as I was truly busy with own work all these while till I almost going to neglect my dear blog here.

New idol for Zhen Nam ~ Dragon Ball ! Can see on his cake?

That night, we got together with the paternal and maternal parents to celebrate my dear boy’s 6th birthday. We had our lovely western dinner in Secret Garden with those expensive but yummy meal. I accidentally peeped at my mother-in-law’s Antigua jewelry which is very similar with the design I saw once in the internet online store. It is very beautiful, and maybe I would somehow get another one for my mother.

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  • . chinnee | April 29, 2011 at 10:34 am | Permalink

    that is a HUGE cake!!! Zhen Nam must be very proud of his cake :)

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