Lucky Draw Winner

Hooray! Zhen Nam is so lucky this time! He won 2 tickets for Genting Theme Park All Park One Day Unlimited Ride complimentary vouchers from the lucky draw in Family Carnival event. The announcement was made the next day of school. We are now planning ahead for Genting Highlands tour for the coming school terms holiday!

Mummy reminds hubby to search for gps reviews before the trip. Well, he knows the way to Genting Highlands but we plan to proceed to Johor after a night stay in Genting. Therefore, hubby is in need of a car GPS. Everyone recommends him Garmin GPS which is quite good feature and quality.

Well, well, the kids are truly excited. We haven’t thought to be so lucky. Hey, it costs not cheap to get a Genting Theme Park ticket. With the assistance of advance gps,our journey would be plain sailing and arrive in time.

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