Typing Sifu From RE2

Well, a little update on Zi Wei’s progress in Typing Sifu Challenge in Jusco last time…..yea, almost a week ago! Mummy was really busy these days. Shall update a bit on what mummy was busy about these days soon…..

It was so crowded, everywhere can see RE2 T-shirts! LOL Mummy guess that were not all the students from the school. Only the selected students were invited to take part.

Well, Zi Wei didn’t obtain any rewards that day but it was a good experience for her. She was so nervous while waiting for her turn. Could see from her face. ;p

We arrived at about 12pm and just queued for a little while then it was Zi Wei’s turn. The typing just took a minute! Mummy still doesn’t know her result till today. Zi Wei just told me that she has 97% typing accuracy and only managed to type one and a half sentence of words per minute. Mummy guess it was approximately around 10 to 15 words. Well, it’s fine though she didn’t practise much lately.

We waited for about three hours before the result was announced. The cousins were there too. See how the kids spents their ‘waiting’ period! Mummy didn’t join them, but walked away looking for mbt shoes. LOLĀ  No worry, there was still another adult keeping an eye on them.

There were the 1,2,3 winners! The champion scored 134wpm and grabbed RM2k as the prize! Congrat! These students are 14 years old. As for Zi Wei’s group, 6-8 years old, the winner could type 45 wpm, obtained only RM50 as encouragement. Well done, kids!

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  • . michelle | August 5, 2010 at 11:06 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t know there is such contest, I only learn how to type without seeing when I chat with online friends….:P

  • . vickylow | August 9, 2010 at 4:34 pm | Permalink

    so young already can type so well. I learn typing when I worked at legal firm. Typing those agreement but still not like those professional one.

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