Stuffing Balls In His Pants

Yesterday afternoon, my little Zhen Nam did amuse my day! Mummy was in a hurry out to buy phentermine for my friend after preparing lunch for him. Mummy didn’t expect he would show me that!

He was calling mummy………….running out to pose for me!


Ta Dang…….!!!

A fat butt clown standing in front of me here! Wuakaka…. :D

Mummy was unexpected and kept asking what was that in his pants.

*Actually mummy knew …… *

Look at this cheeky boy! Mummy quickly grabbed my camera and requested Zhen Nam to offer for photo snapping. Of course, he would be much pleasure to pose for mummy. Mummy was giggling and laughing without noticing that I was rushing of time!

In the car, mummy asked why he did that. Zhen Nam told mummy that he was thinking of carrying all the balls in his arms but he couldn’t. But then, he thought of stuffing all in his pants so that he could take all the balls with him! How clever ya! LOL

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