Complaints About Home Tutor

Are all kids the same, having the nature of being lazy? Mummy guess so, as adult like me sometimes also feel lazy to do anything! Zi Wei knows how to complain nowadays. Mummy has a young lady as my kids’ tutor at home. Actually we have just started about half a year. Mummy has not seen obvious progress in Zi Wei, but I understand it depends on the student herself.

Well, my girl is very smart. She complains her tutor about anything. She told me that she hates tuition! She even told mummy a secret……she said that she found her tutor sleeping while waiting for Zi Wei to complete her worksheets! Gosh! Is what she said true? Zi Wei told mummy that her tutor doesn’t care how she wrote her Mandarin characters even though she has wrote it in the wrong sequence! Anyway, mummy quite believes what Zi Wei said as she is quite a honest person. Mummy knows well that she would definitely hope to skip the home tuition. So far, mummy didn’t hear from Zhen Nam, maybe he is just to young to complain….  ^.^

This young tutor mummy has is not a school teacher, but mummy is not so sure whether she is really professional in tutoring. Mummy once saw her diary full of schedules which includes tuition time and insurance trainings!! Mummy even saw some auto insurance quotes in her files with customers’ names on them. It shows to mummy that she just gives tuition for ‘MONEY‘, not really into the heart of it….

Mummy is considering getting another home tutor. This time, mummy may choose school teacher for priority.

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  • . Dave | July 16, 2010 at 7:33 am | Permalink

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