Clever Boy Wants Luxurious Life!

Zhen Nam is having his mid-term assessment throughout this week. Mummy didn’t coach him for that, as I always thought he is only in kindergarten. Well, mummy knows that it is just a reason for being lazy…. ;p

Well, he didn’t revise much either. Mummy always nags Zi Wei to guide and accompany her brother in studying, but my girl prefers reading novels and magazines by herself! Mummy guess the teacher in class will do the revision with the children.

Somehow, yesterday, my boy requested something…..He asked mummy to tell papa to buy another new house when our house here is old. He demanded that the new house must be as big or bigger than our current one! So that he could put up a basketball net and play basketball in the garden! Phew! How clever! Mummy then take this opportunity to encourage him to study hard and find a good job, but not too far like south jersey jobs even though can earn more! Why in return? Ha, because mummy asked Zhen Nam to buy for us instead of his papa!

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  • . vickylow | June 1, 2010 at 2:38 pm | Permalink

    haha ya ask him to work hard and buy you a fancy and big house.

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