Kid’s Growth Progress

Mummy just took the kids for medical check up yesterday since they both have flu and cough for quite some time. Luckily they are still energetic without fever. Just too much phlegm inside which caused the symptoms.

Both are still active like tigers!

Nguammm……  ;p

After their pediatrician measured their height and weight, mummy was told the result.

Zi Wei’s height: 122cm; weight: 24kg

Zhen Nam’s height: 96cm; weight: 13.5kg

Haha! The pedia told mummy that Zhen Nam is like a 3 year old kid only. In the meantime, mummy was initially worried that Zi Wei is overweight as her tummy is bulging. Of course, mummy would never consider those which may harm health like conjugated linoleic acid side effects! Well, the pedia told mummy that Zi Wei is in a very standard level then.

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  • . vickylow | April 21, 2010 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    Oh ZN consider a short statue among his peer same thing goes to my girl. Well short at now not meaning they can’t grow taller and chase the gap, not to worry as long our kids is healthy.

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