Unifi Is Taking Over Streamxy

Streamxy is going to fade out with the appearance of Unifi. TM is doing great with the latest internet wireless technology using fibre optics. It is just so fast and convenient. No buffering and intervals throughout movie downloads and I can watch with fun. I can even view Youtube in the television smoothly!

My hub suggests to purchase a smart tv while move our current plasma tv to our bedroom. While he is still thinking the way to install tv mounting brackets, I eventually declined his decision. I don’t hope to keep so much radioactive rays in within my room when I sleep. My cells would then die faster and easier. LOL


Burglaries are very often happened nowadays. Anyone would consider moving into a gated housing area if can afford. Mine is not the one, but our residence committees do hire security guards to watch out our entrance. At least better than none.

Besides that, I do find wall safe and security boxes to be necessary in each house, even we are not as rich as millionaires, but we do have belongings like important documents, cameras and jewelry which would be missed if there was a burglary. Am I right?

Weak In Bahasa Melayu

Yesterday my girl’s school was having parent’s evening, which was known as report card day. There were Science and Mathematics exhibitions and the students had set up booths outside their classrooms for various games and experiments. Mummy even saw a 12 year-old girl carrying one of the modern dslr cameras snapping pictures around. Mummy wonders whether it is the school belongings as the gadget is more advance than the below model!


Well, this beautiful stuff was off my mind when mummy was shown on Zi Wei’s mid year result in Standard 4. I can say, she got mostly C’s and D’s! She only managed to obtain “A” and “B” in English, Mathematics, Mandarin and Art. Bahasa Melayu subject, or any subjects with Malay language such as Moral, Kajian Tempatan and Kemahiran Hidup were horrible! Her teacher advised her to have more reading each day. Mummy would try to force her reading Malay storybooks everyday from now on, before my last straw, which is again “tuition” ! Mummy is tired of driving…..

Protective Motorcycle Pants

Mummy doesn’t ever know that there are Motorcycle Pants for sale. I wonder what its specialties at first. Are they just for the purpose of looking smart and beautiful? Or, are there any protection parts on the motorcycle pants? Mummy is curious and when I search through its website, I just don’t think that they look nice!

Anyway, with a closer look, those motorcycle pants have quality material which serves as protection. There are protective patches for certain parts on the pants as well. Mummy understands why they are so costly then.

Oh, better don’t let Zi Wei notice about that! She may nag mummy to buy her one instead. Oh please! She would go crazy when seeing something which may make her look more like ‘boys’ !

Blue Is The Champion House In Sports Day

It was Zi Wei’s sports day last Saturday. We woke up extra early to reach school at 7:30am. Mummy likes this school as each and every child would have opportunity to involve in every games. No child would be lack out, unless they quit to participate.

Mummy promised her for a gift after the event that day. Mummy hinted that she need to say thanks with chocolately goodness as she would have a taste of quality chocolates! Why gift? As she performed well in her race! That’s her reward.

Zi Wei is in blue house, which is her favourite colour. She has never won before in sports, yet she did well on that day. Her house won as champion in whole Standard Four!


The amazing result was, blue house (also known as Mercury) came out as the house champion in the school!


The team cheered and overjoyed! The kids’ cheers overwhelmed the school and the spirit of team work is their young hearts. Zi Wei was happy to receive gold metal. Yet, she was so ‘shy‘ to smile out when taking photo. Weird girl… Too enclose up, not opening her heart when in public.

Pretty Baby ‘Cousin’

My relative has come back to Malaysia for summer holiday. She is a 6 months older than me, yet she is my elder whom I call her as my ‘grandaunt’ ! She has been migrated to USA ever since she was 14. She visits us once every two years. This time, she flew back with her pretty little Emma who is just 18 months old. Guess what? Emma shall call me “jie jie” as we are cousins! Same generation! My two darlings would be her nephew and niece! LOL


This babe makes me feel like getting another third baby for myself, but how could I make sure the baby would be a girl and truly girlish? Mummy doesn’t wish for another ‘tomboy‘ at home. Sigh….

My grandaunt wants to have some art fun with her little Emma at home as she complaints of bored. I suggested her some places for cheap art supplies where she would feel waste even just use it to mess around for art fun. I went out with them quite often, as my aunt nagged me to bring her for good food in every corner of Ipoh! That’s my expertise and my pleasure!

Renovation For Brother’s Wedding

Mummy is very lazy to cook at home. Anyway, I am forced to as I can’t bring my kids to my parents’ house as there is renovation undergoing. My mum isn’t cooking these few weeks. My brother is getting married and there is renewing of wedding room, kitchen and toilets.

If budget is allowed, my mum wishes to get rustic dining room tables with few rustic cabinets and chairs. The work is not just the furniture, but the decoration of tiles and wall paint as well. That would be a huge amount of expenses. That’s why I say, my mum just “wishes” instead.

The Most Romantic Wedding Dinner I’ve Ever Attended

I had attended the most romantic wedding dinner ever in my life recently. It was held in a 5-star hotel in KL. It was not that usual scene with Karaoke system on the stage while anyone can go up to shout their heart out. The new couple hired local famous television MC and a famous actor from Singapore as well. Actually the actor and bridegroom are good friends.

We were entertained with the love songs presented by a beautiful lady singer throughout the night. The couple even showed their photos and short videos taken during their sweet moments since being together. There was the most touching scene when the video of the bridegroom proposing to the bride in a romantic restaurant shown in the screen. The man was celebrating the girl’s birthday, when the surprise was inside her birthday cake! How sweet! She found the most beautiful diamond engagement rings she has ever seen in the cake! She cried on the spot. The couple even revealed their true confession to each other’s feeling in video while the guests were enjoying the wonderful dinner. Emmm… so loving! Even the bridegroom cried while confessing. Unbelievable!

Ever since that night, my hub’s ears have had a hard time of accepting my complaints and grumbles as he did not really propose to me at all to ask my hand for marriage. Hub says he regret to bring me to the wedding dinner. LOL

Double Celebrations

This year is special. My birthday falls on the same day as Father’s Day! My dearest hub and kids celebrated with me a day earlier in San Francisco Steak House since I prefer western food. On the actual, I celebrated again with my two dear fathers in a Chinese restaurant. Old folks do prefer rice and dish.


We had a reunion cake cutting together. Everyone was happy. I even bought the two men clothing as Father’s Day’s present. Unfortunately, I got to know that my mum was having some joint pain on her knee. I heard that there are many functional stockings in the market. Not sure whether activa compression stockings can help to ease her pain or not. Would look into more detail on it. Just wish everyone that I love to stay happily & healthily!

K-Pop Is A Hit

Zi Wei’s second plan for her next own burnt CD is her favourite K-Pop songs by a Korean group singers named “Big Bang“. She has even accepted one of the group member as her idol. She always asks mummy whether these guys look handsome, who looks the most handsome, and so on.

She can sing along even she doesn’t know Korean language. She did once request to learn the language. *slap head*  Besides that, she requests mummy to keep an eye on news, if there are any audix microphones for sale. That is because she finds out that there are microphone slots on her CD player. She is excited to get one for herself. Maybe, she wants to train herself up as a superstar! LOL